The Sipp FM and WJSU Make an Appearance at “JSU Day at the Capitol”

The Sipp FM and our sister station, WJSU, were present with other university officials, students and alumni at JSU Day at the Capitol on Tuesday, March 19. Supporters of Jackson State University gathered around the steps of the State Capitol to share legislative priorities with Mississippi lawmakers.

President Dr. Marcus L. Thompson specifically shared his desire for funding to improve on-campus housing options for current and incoming students. “The biggest ticketed items that would help students I feel are those infrastructure needs. Because as you know, students want good quality housing, and we need funds to make sure that they have spaces. As we recruit new students, we need spaces and we need good quality spaces for our current students so that’s one of our biggest challenges at the university,” he told WJTV 12 News.

Our team was present to share more information about what we do and how through our on-campus radio stations serve the students of JSU and our local community. Check out a few photos below and be sure to follow us on social media for the latest updates about our station and WJSU.

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